The Descomm Executive Team has over 60 years of experience working together in the credit card industry. Each team member has expertise in several fields of the operation.

Donnie Saunders, President, oversees the entire operation and makes sure the overall Company is governed by the Mission, Vision and Governing Principals.

Darin Cronebach, Executive Vice President, works on special projects, continuity of services among departments and is the official Spokes Person for the Company.

Donald Saunders, Jr. Chief Executive Officer and Business Development Officer, works on developing new value-added services which our client can benefit from and developing new business partnerships.


Donald (Donnie) E. Saunders, III


Mr. Saunders has been a key executive since the firm’s inception. He has overseen and assisted in the development of the strategies in most of the business lines. He has supervised the build out of the firm’s financial infrastructure on which it operates today. Along with his father, Mr. Saunders has an extensive background in the merchant services arena. Today, his main activity is focused on the daily operations in accordance to the Mission, Vision & Guiding Principles. Overseeing and working closely with his Executive & Management Staff to carry forward the Descomm message. Mr. Saunders has worked in the family business since 1997. He brings a strong background of financial analysis, processes, technology services, and accounting. He is married to Carrie Saunders and has 2 children, Lillie and Charles. He has a B.A. from DeVry University majoring in accounting.

Donald E. Saunders, Jr.

Chief Executive Officer / Business Development Officer

From the inception, November 2010, Mr. Saunders has been the Founder and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Saunders has an extensive background, over 25 years, in the merchant service industry. Thus, making the change over to the niche market of cannabis very easy. Today, his main activity is focused on the development of new and innovated solutions which the Company can market to the Cannabis, Hemp and CBD markets. Mr. Saunders states ‘these solutions must be economically priced in order to deliver the punch it needs to assist these businesses to attract new customers, increase customer frequency, and fight customer attrition. Mr. Saunders works closely with his son, Donald E. Saunders, III (Donnie), who is the acting President of the Company. Additionally, he interfaces with the Executive & Management Staff to get new ideas where he is considered to be the ‘Company Visionary’’. Mr. Saunders has been a highly successful entrepreneur for over 25 years in the financial arena. He has strong background in acquiring capital as well as a solid history of introducing new products and services. He is married to his wife of 40+ years, Lu Ann W. Saunders, 1 son, Donnie Saunders (wife, Carrie), 2 grandchildren, Lillie Kathryn Saunders, and Charles Donald Saunders. Mr. Saunders studied at Wright State University and the University of Dayton majoring in sales & marketing.

Darin Cronebach

Executive Vice President

Mr. Cronebach started with Descomm in early stages where he worked on the internal processes for all of Descomm’s departments. He is described a high energetic, positive influencer and Company spokes person. With over 20 years of experience in the merchant service industry he is consider our ’go to guy’. He is married to his wife, Cayrn, for more 25+ blissful years. He has (2) sons, Caden and Brandt.


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